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'Ohe Kāpala Design 12
'Ohe Kāpala Design 12 'Ohe Kāpala Design 12

'Ohe Kāpala Design 12

ʻOhe Kāpala Kahiko Design 12

Many of the ʻohe kāpala designs and thoughts behind each design is left up to interpretation of each of the designers.  These designs on this ʻOhe Kāpala Kahiko can represent many  thoughts to many individuals and a design can change considerably when its printed properly.  A single design of this ʻOhe Kāpala Kahiko is usually intertwined with joining hundreds of other designs thus creating a completely new design.  Enjoy the journey in creation.

Collections: ʻOhe Kāpala

Tags: ohe kapala

Type: Ohe Kapala

Vendor: Native Intelligence

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