Feather (Hulu) Headbands
Feather (Hulu) Headbands Peacock Green Peacock Blue Silver Pheasant Green Lady Amherst Pheasant Brown Pheasant White Lady Amherst Pheasant Golden Pheasant

Feather (Hulu) Headbands

Hulu Headbands

These feather (hulu) headbands are carefully handmade on the island of Kauaʻi using natural feathers* from various birds. Choose between the natural vibrant colors or earthly tones to suit your style.

Feather Designs:

- Pheasant (Brown or Gold)

- Golden Pheasant

- Silver Pheasant

- Lady Amherst Pheasant (White or Green)

- Peacock (Blue or Green)

Headband Measurements:

- 5.5" height

- 5" at widest point


*Natural feathers each have their own color variation and will not be identical nor exact as pictured.

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