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Kōnane Game
Kōnane Game 11"x11" 100 spaces Monkeypod 9"x9" 64 spaces Monkeypod Kōnane Game 11"x11" 100 spaces Mango 9" x 9" 64 spaces mango 7" x7" 36 spaces Monkeypod

Kōnane Game

Kōnane is a traditional game played amongst chiefs utilizing strategy to see who can make the last move.  Therefore, this game is all about "the last move".  If you are able to make the last jump on your opponent and your opponent is unable to make a move on you, then you win!  Similar to checkers but utilizing pebbles of black and white stones called ʻiliʻili and played on a stone or wooden board called papamū. This game is sure to challenge and sharpen your strategic thinking for all age groups!
*Sizes: 9" x 9" (64 spaces) and 11" x 11" (100 spaces)
*Each papamū is custom made with different woods gathered in Hawaiʻi.  Each wood has a unique wood grain and color. The stones are provided with each board. 
*Instructions are laser engraved on the back of the board. 

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