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Kumu Cards-Hawaiian Flashcards
Kumu Cards-Hawaiian Flashcards Puʻu Pepa ʻEkahi: Deck 1 Puʻu Pepa ʻEkahi: Deck 1 Puʻu Pepa ʻElua: Deck 2 Puʻu Pepa ʻElua: Deck 2

Kumu Cards-Hawaiian Flashcards

Kumu Cards

Each Kumu Cards deck contains 72 beautifully illustrated Hawaiian flashcards. With each sale, a portion of the proceeds goes to Hawaiian Immersion classrooms. The back of each card is colored differently for each category to assist in organizing the deck quickly; but also helps us implement a variety of games such as memory using two packs.

Puʻu Pepa ʻEkahi (Deck 1) - Categories:

- Colors

- Numbers

- Animals

- Body parts

- People

Puʻu Pepa ʻElua (Deck 2) - Categories:



- Kitchen 

- Household

- Recreation

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